simple-cdd checksum error

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simple-cdd checksum error

Postby george.erhan » 2018-11-10 11:23

Has anyone encountered this error while simple-cdd is downloading files?
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Invalid checksum for $HOME/cdd/tmp/mirror/README: expected ec5329c233007c880121f65af681c637516bc1cdaa369157a8f4486a7f61c61f, got c99e612a2fe045fc6b4e08d70a4863cad307c58e51bd4cfc3f71baf1d6e1bfcd

If yes, how did you solve it? I sthis a bug in simple-cdd, or is it a problem with the debian hosted files?
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Re: simple-cdd checksum error

Postby llivv » 2018-11-10 11:46

What version of simple-cdd?
Are you pointing simple-cdd at the same debain release as the version of simple-cdd you are using?, or an older or newer version of Debian?
Is the issue repro-ducable pointing simple-cdd at a different version of Debain than the one you get the mismatched hash from?

If you can answer those qiestions someone will tell you if it's a bug or something else.
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