Selectively route programs to (only) different monitors?

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Selectively route programs to (only) different monitors?

Postby scruffyeagle » 2018-12-31 06:59

This is probably an advanced question. I'm not sure it's even possible, but I'm inquiring anyway.

I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop set up for 2 alternate choices of display. One, is the laptop's normal screen. The other, is signal passed out through the VGA port. That goes into a VGA2HDMI conversion box, which pipes into the back of a TV (HDMI input). I'm able to use either output, or even both at the same time - but, what I can't do is selectively control which program output heads for which output port (screen or VGA).

Is there any way to control which program gets routed to which display, and ONLY the chosen display?

An example of why this would be useful, would be having a movie being played off the hard drive on one display, while using the other display for doing word processing.

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Re: Selectively route programs to (only) different monitors?

Postby oswaldkelso » 2018-12-31 07:45

Look at xrandr -h Pay attention to the --off switch it may be all you need.

I use arandr to make such setups as it gives a nice visual and lets you save the settings. That way you can just select your choice from any of several chosen setups from a menu or icon.
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