Downgrade header in Debian Buster

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Re: Downgrade header in Debian Buster

Postby sunrat » 2019-07-30 22:42

If the kernel doesn't show in boot menu after update-grub, maybe it is not correctly installed. As mentioned by L_V above, terminology is confusing headers and kernels.
Please run this command and post the output:
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dpkg -l|grep linux-image
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Re: Downgrade header in Debian Buster

Postby L_V » 2019-07-31 05:11

You have this CPU: AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G

Did you try to install this package to see what happen with 4.19.0-5 kernel (and not header)
amd64-microcode Processor microcode firmware for AMD CPUs
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