Touchpad broken with Buster upgrade

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Touchpad broken with Buster upgrade

Postby bbox » 2019-08-07 16:16

I am running Debian Buster on a Thinkpad X240, recently upgraded from Stretch when Buster went stable. The Synaptics (TM2749-001) touchpad and trackpoint started acting up with the upgrade. They both work fine on boot, but occasionally after waking from suspend both inputs go dead. Once they go dead, they do not revive on their own after later suspends. Plugging in a mouse still works. Reboot revives touchpads.

Code: Select all
libinput list-devices
does show the touchpad and trackpoint are recognized. Capabilities listed as pointer. Full output:

Code: Select all
Device: Synaptics TM2749-001
Kernel: /dev/input/event19
Group: 11
Seat: seat0, default
Size: 85x64mm
Capabilities: pointer gesture
Tap-to-click: disabled
Tap-and-drag: enabled
Tap drag lock: disabled
Left-handed: disabled
Nat.scrolling: disabled
Calibration: n/a
Scroll methods: *two-finger edge
Click methods: *button-areas clickfinger
Disable-w-typing: enabled
Accel profiles: none
Rotation: n/a

Part of the issue I'm having with troubleshooting this is the switch to Wayland from Xorg in Buster. A lot of the Debian documentation still only goes as far as Stretch. (For example Most of the troubleshooting recommendations for other distros also refer to xorg drivers and not libinput.

Any ideas here? Other diagnostics to run? Wayland is new territory for me.
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Re: Touchpad broken with Buster upgrade

Postby phenest » 2019-08-07 18:43

Have you tried logging in with X11 instead of Wayland?
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Re: Touchpad broken with Buster upgrade

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2019-08-07 19:19

bbox wrote:Most of the troubleshooting recommendations for other distros also refer to xorg drivers and not libinput

Switching to a console & back again, suspending & resuming again and unloading & reloading the touchpad module can all be done under Wayland/libinput — those methods are not exclusive to
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