eth device number increases after each reboot

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Postby Varinaldo » 2007-12-12 17:41

Darci vc tem que instalar o kernel source e dar um apt-get install xmms e ele funciona

Postby afterstep13 » 2008-01-16 06:00

mongooseman1128 wrote:I've been having the changing Mac address problem for quite some time. I never noticed it before now because at home I have nothinng that it can mess up but here at school our computers are registered by mac address. Anyway, I'm fine with using macchanger and writing a script so the mac address at least seems static, but I do have a problem with what this appears to be doing to the card itself. On the extremely rare occasions that I use windows I've noticed that windows recognizes the card as having a mac address of all 0. I also noticed that the reported problem is with Asus boards. I on the other hand have an Nvidia board. Has anyone heard of this also being a problem with Nvidia mobos? Also, do you know if I find my cards true mac address and set that to be the permanent one will that maybe fix my problem with windows?
EDIT: I just wrote a script for using macchanger on reboot, but I realized that it doesn't work because at every reboot the name of the device changes. any ideas on how to get around this? (tried using eth* for the device name already)

try ... ernet.html
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