Build Kernel just for VMware Workstation ?

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Build Kernel just for VMware Workstation ?

Postby Pummelchen » 2019-09-10 14:04


I update the Debian Kernel regularly but wonder if the configuration could be optimized just for use in VMware Workstation ?
Are there any manuals to build a lean kernel which maybe saves some RAM and runs a tick faster ? :?:

Thanks for advice.
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Re: Build Kernel just for VMware Workstation ?

Postby CwF » 2019-09-10 14:47

I ran custom kernels for both the hypervisor and guest for my first years. There is a difference. But that effort is not free. On a sufficiently powerful machine the advantage is negligible. The effort and cost to add memory or cpu's and just roll with it is much less. Furthermore, a common kernel for every example in use eliminates a variable. On a minimal machine you will see gains. I stay away from minimal machines. The only valid use IMO is an update frozen machine or vm that does its job and you don't intend to change it for any reason. If you are rolling with the changes, it's a waste of time. When the debian team tweaks the kernel, do you really want to review the details each time to figure out what your missing?

I stick to qemu, more in the family and likely gets more kernel attention than VMWare. So maybe there are considerations for vmware which is not family. A reason why I stick to qemu.
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