Screen-Locking option wanted when switching sessions

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Screen-Locking option wanted when switching sessions

Postby LoopBack » 2019-11-12 18:31


I've just installed Debian 10.1.0 and have set the System-Settings->-Desktop-Behaviour->-Screen-Locking option to:- Never Lock
for both the Resume and the Idle sub-options.
However the Desktop still does lock when I select:-
Menu->-Power/Session->-Switch-User to either start a new session or switch to an existing session.
There is no locking when switching between sessions using: Ctrl+Alt+<F-key>.

I really don't want to have to sign-in again when returning to [resuming-?] the departed session
and this did not occur on Debian 9.80 that I've just replaced, so I'm wondering if the change is a bug or a new [optional-?] feature;
does anyone know?
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