Creating a personal on-disk Debian repository.

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Creating a personal on-disk Debian repository.

Postby Tonto » 2019-11-13 03:21

When Debian 8.2 was released back in 2015 I bought a 13-DVD mirror of the repository and installed it as an off-line on-disk repo from which I have successfully installed countless packages since. In order to do this I wrote a few Perl scripts to extract the packages from the DVDs into a single directory, recreate the index files, and configure apt/Synaptic to suite.

When I tried the same thing with Deb 9.1 it failed for several reasons. I was not the only one to have trouble with Deb 9; others reported similar difficulties and adopted the same solution: go back to Deb 8 and wait.

Debian 10 was released in July this year to joyful and relieved acclaim. The first "point release" is now out - Deb 10.1 - so I've purchased a copy. 24 DVDs worth, but not on DVD: instead, a 128GB USB stick with 24 DVD images. Should arrive in a week or so, and be good for another five years.

BUT. And it's probably a big one. One of the major issues I struck in trying to convert my Deb 9 DVDs to an on-disk repo was that "security issues" with Deb 8 had been "fixed". I'd relied on these "security issues" to bypass the new, tedious and badly-documented "security features" of Deb 8. As anyone with commonsense will know, whilst "security" is a real challenge for techs at system level, it is largely a hugely-hyped BIG ISSUE in the Mainstream Media for all the plebs out there. It's mostly used by governments and Big Business to DEMAND that you provide EVERY LAST DETAIL of your personal life - right down to the brand of condoms you use - in order to "protect you" from the Bad Guys. It's also used to insist that you ONLY USE the LATEST software. Anything else is a "security risk" that no "sensible person" would wish to encounter. Problem: most of the general public IS THIS STUPID.

My point in writing this is to emphasize that the "security features" implemented by Deb repo's are quite unnecessary for a personal on-disk repo, from which I just want to install my own software with minimum hassle.

If anyone else is interested in this project - as so I'll dignify it - I'd be most grateful for any collaboration and assistance from those with more experience and detailed knowledge than myself.
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