(stretch-->buster) GUI login loop (SOLVED: install cinnamon)

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(stretch-->buster) GUI login loop (SOLVED: install cinnamon)

Postby akrueger » 2019-11-19 20:52

Hi! Just leaving this here because someone else might run into the same trouble.

Symptom: GUI login loop. Used correct password, but was thrown back to the login screen. No way in.
Human: I could not use my machine for what I had intended - python37 instead of python35. Lost hours.
Relief: ssh worked. strg-alt-F2 worked. what a relief. Spent hours there. Eventually fixed it.
Cause: apt dist-upgrade # 9.stretch --> 10.buster
Logfile hint: GLib-GIO-Error settings org.cinnamon.settings-daemon.plugins.power is not installed
Solution: apt install cinnamon

Whew, those were rather frightening several hours, until I found the reason for the Symptom.
Had to dig through previously never seen log files, fixed a few other problems on the way, and have a system now which is still not perfect.
BUT I can log-in graphically again. What a relief.

Question to ponder about (and perhaps even add a WARNING during `sudo apt dist-upgrade`, instead of just silently uninstalling it ?):

Why was cinnamon pulled from under my feet?

But not to forget the most important message here ... it's REALLY AMAZING that within ~6 hours, we can do a full system upgrade now. So nice. And I am a bit proud too, to have fixed most of the problems already. GNU/Linux is so cool - and Debian is just great. Thanks to everyone who helped to build ..... B.U.S.T.E.R !!!
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