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Dependancy Hell > bluetooth

Postby SImon2020 » 2020-01-29 08:18

I was very desperate to get my bluetooth running and followed some instructions, which seemed to have brought me to the dependancy hell.

The instructions: ... 4#p1384009

Can someone please help me to resolve these dependancies?

This is what I get in dpkg for blue*:
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simon@debian-simon:~$ sudo dpkg -l blue*
[sudo] Passwort für simon:
dpkg-query: Kein Paket gefunden, das auf bluez-5.50 passt (English: no package found that matches bluez-5.50)
dpkg-query: Kein Paket gefunden, das auf bluez-5.50.tar.xz passt
dpkg-query: Kein Paket gefunden, das auf bluez-firmware.deb passt
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Re: Dependancy Hell > bluetooth

Postby Chrisdb » 2020-01-29 11:17


Try to reinstall the package first:
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sudo apt install bluetooth --reinstall
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