messy LXC setup - many problems

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messy LXC setup - many problems

Postby mabra » 2020-03-13 03:22

Hello All!

LXC (containers) on Stretch dont have editing keys like 'end', 'home'
or the arrow keys working. Additionally, if one login, there is no
prompt - I speculate, these problems have a common root.
So far I understand the installation right, it is a wrapper
around debootstrap.

I am unsure, how to find out, what is missing. It must be something
in the setup, because earlier version dont have that problem (this,
the current version is 2.0).

If I connect via ssh, everything is as expected, but I wont need
ssh usually (and a container should really be small and every
piece has to be configure ...)

If I install xfce4+xrdp, the problem disappears, even if I connect
via >lxc-console -n <containername<.

Looking for the different console tools is more the next
headdache, then a help. The "package deails" do not
offer any insights, hwo these package interacts, as there
is "kbd", "console-setup", "console-data" and many others.

Probabyl someone know something about this or can
shed some lights on the "console" - packages ...

Thanks anyway,
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