Systemd btrfs raid 1 degraded will not boot

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Systemd btrfs raid 1 degraded will not boot

Postby nettle » 2020-03-18 15:38

i am having problem with mount of degraded btrfs1 raid at boot.

I set up a /boot partition on two nvme ssd, when both ssds are present it works ok.
I have degraded parametr set as kernel parametr and fs tab parameter:
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/dev/disk/by-uuid/89* /boot      btrfs     degraded   0    0

But when i remove one ssd system will boot to maintenance console.
Than when i try to mount unit with:

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mount -o degraded /dev/disk/by-uuid/89* /boot
mount -a

it wont work
but when i mount it at /mnt it works ok

if i delete it from fstab and restart configuration with
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systemctl daemon-reload

it will let me mount it at /boot
So it seems that systemd automount is the problem

So do you have any suggestion how to force systemd to mount degraded btrfs raid?
The workaround will be to delete fstab record and mount it after boot, but maybe i should report it as a bug?
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