Properly way to move Kmail?

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Properly way to move Kmail?

Postby bester69 » 2020-05-20 17:45

There's long time I would like to be able to migrate/move Kmail database and configuration between different installations...I have searched up on internet, but i wasnt able to find any good manual to commit this task...

I tried to install flatpak-Kmail.. but I wasnt able to connect flatpak-kmail with the native database's kmail.., indeed I dont understant how it operates with both kmails (kontacts) sharing system akonadi services.. I dont know if i have to copy akonadi files within flatpak environment folders or what... there's litle and poor information
I still dont know If kontact/kmail migration is done by copying files databas and configuration files or using the kontact's wizard import/export .... Its all very confusing..I usually have problems when want to restore kmail..

If you know well about this task, i really would apreciate you to show me how to do it. Any light here, please :?
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