Debian "Router"

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Debian "Router"

Postby Mindovermaster » 2020-06-04 18:55

I have seen many guides and videos on how to set up a router using Debian. But all of them are old guides from 2011 or 2013. Surely there is some new software that no one talks about?

I do, however, understand the network part, set Ips, DNS, HTPC, BUT what I don't get is where to go on from that.

Port Forward?
Other tools needed?
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Re: Debian "Router"

Postby LE_746F6D617A7A69 » 2020-06-04 19:31

Although (obviously) it is possible to build network router on Debian, I think this makes no sense - of course, unless You have a really good reason for doing this.

Normally the most efficient way to have a full-blown enterprise-class router functionality is to buy a router which is supported by OpenWRT project - like the TP-Link Archer series - and change the firmware to OpenWRT.

It has everything, including package manager -> You don't have to re-flash the firmware to gain/change the functionality.

I'm using it right now on ArcherC7 v5.0 ;)

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Re: Debian "Router"

Postby pylkko » 2020-06-05 07:27

If the you already have some hardware that you want to use, research if you can find router OS that would work there. ... tributions

Many of these OS's have build guides or scripts, so you can analyze them and see how they set it up. If you want to do this for learning. If you just want to get something that works, then best is indeed to buy it as most routers have hardware acceleration for throughput, encryption and other things that will likely be missing on a standard computer motherboard, meaning a little crappy MIPS processor and 256 K of RAM can outperform a state-of-the-art desktop.
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Re: Debian "Router"

Postby andre@home » 2020-06-05 09:45

I agree with the other 2 contributors.

I would also like to suggest to do your homework better on the latest insights on how to make a Linux router, e.g. based upon Debian.

If you end up with stuff from ~2011.... you probably do not understand the strategy of selected searching with e.g. Google.
My results IF I limit myself to the past 3 years since today would look like this. ... F2020&tbm=
So I'm not hindered by the old stuff...

On my 1st results page one may discover several potential interesting guides to realize router based on Linux, even with Debian.
Like: ... r-gateway/ ... -9-stretch

Next: Do you think your knowledge on Linux is so good that you can setup a safe router?
Look in the mirror and answer this question for your self. As: It's your challenge, not ours... but better be a safe challenge then later on you may have a big problem of hackers/intruders as your router was not as safe as you thought...

Good luck/have success.
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