Help installing NFS

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Help installing NFS

Postby ckosloff » 2020-09-04 16:40

Hi all,

I have two computers and I need them networked because each performs different tasks.
Computer 1) is a wired desktop with printer, OS debian stable + backports, could never install scanning software because it reports segmentation fault.
Computer 2) is a laptop same OS debian stable + backports, scanning software installed fine, which is weird, this one is connected via wifi.
For job purposes I need to scan documents and upload to a control panel, sometimes print, so I need to share.
I could never find a tutorial to install NFS on Debian, either they are obsolete or don't apply, and I think that samba would be overkill so please help.
Thank you.
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Re: Help installing NFS

Postby sgosnell » 2020-09-04 16:45

Take my advice, I'm not using it.
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Re: Help installing NFS

Postby arochester » 2020-09-04 16:48

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Re: Help installing NFS

Postby CwF » 2020-09-05 13:25

ckosloff wrote:would be overkil

You could use 'scp' if you otherwise don't share much.
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