terminal gets not refreshed properly with Nvidia card

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terminal gets not refreshed properly with Nvidia card

Postby morgon » 2020-11-25 06:37


I've recently upgraded a pretty old PC with a GT 1030 that I run with the nvidia drivers.

Since then I have an irritating problem that I never had before, so I assume it is related to the new GPU:

The problem is that it seems terminal-windows sometimes do not get refreshed properly.

What I mean is the behaviour that e.g. in a terminal-window I run "vi somefile" but all I see initially is a blank screen.
As soon as I press a key (a cursor key say) then vi with the file-contents becomes visible.

Strangely this does not occur every time, but only now and then, but often enough that I find it irritating.

I have a similar problems that sometimes the last line of the output of command-line programs is not displayed until I press a key.

Does anyone have an idea what that could be?

I see this behaviour with both st and urxvt, both with and without tmux.

Many thanks!
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