openvpn server re-routes

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openvpn server re-routes

Postby procyon108 » 2020-12-17 10:25

I initially setup openvpn-server to route all client traffic through the server using the following relevant options:
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push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp"

push "dhcp-option DNS"

Later I decided I no longer needed this. I merely wanted a client-to-client secure network, no routing. So, I removed those lines from server.conf. However, when I connect, I am still having my traffic routed through the server.

What am I missing?
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Re: openvpn server re-routes

Postby reinob » 2020-12-17 14:39

client configuration?

The server can offer options (like default route, etc.) and/or the client can be configured accordingly.
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