procmail filtering problem

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procmail filtering problem

Postby arzgi » 2021-01-06 18:31

Debian Buster 10.7

I have set getmail to retrieve my mail, procmail to fiter to mh-format ~/Mail

My .procmailrc
Code: Select all

:0 w:user/$LOCKEXT
* ^From.*
| $STORE +user

:0 w:  inbox/$LOCKEXT
| $STORE +inbox

One person changed her email address,
changed * ^From.* >>> * ^From.*

Now in .procmail_log her mails show this error
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rcvstore: malloc failed, size wanted: 40171668864
procmail: Program failure (1) of "/usr/lib/mh/rcvstore"
From  Wed Jan  6 16:10:07 2021

And messages go to inbox instead of inbox/user

Why does the change of email address in .procmailrc cause this?
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