Configuring a remote workstation; Tips?

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Configuring a remote workstation; Tips?

Postby FlavorZ » 2021-02-04 04:08


I am planning on setting up a headless workstation running a RDP and VPN server in my room, because I want to be able to access the workstation from anywhere on campus using neorouter. The idea that I had was to create a liveUSB drive with the VPN client settings and RDP already configured, so that I only need to; plug in the flash USB drive to any computer, boot from USB and start using the workstation (with automatic GPG authentication). I'm wondering if anyone has advice on what I should or shouldn't do. Also, would you recommend this? Would it be usable as a workstation?

Any advice is appreciated,
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Re: Configuring a remote workstation; Tips?

Postby Bulkley » 2021-02-04 15:34

Start Here. Insert Configuring a remote linux workstation.
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Re: Configuring a remote workstation; Tips?

Postby pylkko » 2021-02-05 10:42

I would be really surprised to know that some university campus allows USB boot from computers. Most universities also have cloud computing workstations, so whatever workstation you would have at home would pale in comparison. Unless it is something really custom.

However, in my experience, most universities do not in anyway restrict access to their monitors. This means that you can buy a 300 gram raspberry pi 4000 (the one with the integrated keyboard) attach it to any HDMI monitor and have your VPN and other setting always be carried with you. This may solve your problem if all you want is a cheap and lightweight "thin client" to a machine in your room. This requires that you have access to the school wifi (or your phone can share the mobile net). But if you are living near by you could even set up a LoRa network, because it can reach up to 10 kilometers with antennas and access it without internet at all (all though then it would be low bandwidth.. no streaming video)

But the answer depends on what you need to do on the work station. If it is running computations that you start from a shell, it is a very different case than if you need design and view 3D graphics based models....
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