Bullseye: CONFIG_IP_PNP not set

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Bullseye: CONFIG_IP_PNP not set

Postby ksu » 2021-02-10 03:05

after a few hours trying to PXE boot finally found out that:

$ grep CONFIG_IP_PNP config-5.10.0-3-amd64
# CONFIG_IP_PNP is not set

this disables the network/IP autoconfig feature during boot
it applies also to at least the earlier -2 kernel as well I believe

BTW, Clonezilla does not seem to be able IP autoconfig either in order to NFS boot - version 2.7.1-22 runs on Debian 5.10.0-2
but without /proc/config.gz nor the config file available I can't quickly confirm,


edit: for now ended up compiling 5.10.13 with CONFIG_IP_PNP support
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Re: Bullseye: CONFIG_IP_PNP not set

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2021-02-10 10:45

I find it highly unlikely that a custom kernel is required for PXE booting. Have you seen https://www.adrian.idv.hk/2020-11-24-pxeboot/?

Disclaimer: I've never tried PXE booting.
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Re: Bullseye: CONFIG_IP_PNP not set

Postby ksu » 2021-02-10 13:22

Hi, and thanks,
It is not just pxe booting - it is pxe + nfs mount while still in initial ram fs stage. The latest Debian testing kernels do not seem to acquire IP via IP=dhcp in the kernel cmdline which allows to setup the networking piece before attempting to mount the nfs.
At this moment I am not 100% certain that the lack of CONFIG_IP_PNP is the main reason, but this is all I was able to find out.
Due to the lack of time last night, and workload today I was not able to test the newly compiled kernel other than booting it traditionally - I will attempt to test the pxe/nfs this evening - results will be shared.
thank you

edit: it is not CONFIG_IP_PNP related - the custom 5.10.13 kernel has it enabled but the result is the same -
"highly unlikely" till I saw it not working, now I know it is not the right direction I am going... but still a good exercise :)
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