2.6 kernel and USB

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2.6 kernel and USB

Postby Guest » 2004-10-01 06:55

I am having a problem with the 2.6 kernel and usb. (I'm running the 2.6.7 kernel that comes with the new Sarge installer.) I see by my Google searches that a lot of other people are having usb problems with the 2.6 kernel too.

The usb problem I'm having seems to be the same error a lot of other people have: control timeout on ep0in. I'm getting this whenever my printer, an HP Deskjet 895, or my scanner a Scanjet 6100 are plugged in. I can't even get hotplug to not hang when running /etc/init.d/hotplug restart or force-reload are run. If I leave any usb devices plugged in during boot it hangs and I have to force a reboot manually with the reset switch.

Does anyone know if this has been fixed yet and if so what version of the kernel and what patch is necessary.

Postby Guest » 2004-10-01 20:39

As a further update on this...

I installed the 2.6.8-6 kernel from source today and found something very interesting. If I use KDE hotplug will hang every time my scanner and/or printer are plugged in. However, if I use Gnome hotplug will successfully add both my printer and my scanner. I still can't boot with the usb cables plugged in, but at least I can use hotplug with this kernel.

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