Debian Email Server clamav spamassassin fetchmail catch-all

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Debian Email Server clamav spamassassin fetchmail catch-all

Postby motiv8d » 2004-03-11 01:54

I have just started using debian and love the dpkg apt system. :P
I would like to create a server, probably based on woody, maybe stable (I use unstable on my workstation now). The servers purpose would be replacing an existing NT server as follows:
1) Samba server
a) Operate as a domain controller (pref with a trust relationship to another NT server domain - maybe with winbind? but will also have domain users only on this domain)
b) Filesharing to groups of users.

2) Email Server that will do the following:
a) Have a catchall for the official domain name (eg: setup to go to an isp email eg: ispaccount @ So any email to @ will end up in the isp mailbox
b) Fetchmail or Getmail to retrieve email from ispaccount @
c) Clamav to check emails
d) Spamassassin to check emails
e) Emails distributed to users mailbox
f) Users can retrieve email from their mailbox to download into their email client.
g) Optional: Users can use web access to email (squirrel web mail?)
h) Easy creation of accounts and server side mail filtering rules

Client machines are Windows 98 and Windows XP Pro and hopefully in the near future also linux.

I would like the installation to be as simple as possible, with as many of the applications as possible available as .deb from official repositories.

Please let me know what you consider would be the best combination of applications (options to what I have selected most welcome) to do this. And where I can find simple instructions for the implementation.

Thanks in advance
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Postby Vinnie » 2004-07-19 00:30


I use this and I have been using it for just about a year now. Works for most OS's as well.


Postby nomar » 2004-09-30 23:58

You've got most things covered...

use sarge not woody - woody is old.

Mail server: most peole I know swear by Exim. Though exim can do filtering stuff, spamassassin seems the norm. Try cyrus for IMAP server. Clamav sound fine. Do IMAP first then if you need go webmail (unless webmail suits your company better).

PDC and file share: samba does the lot + print server.

As your using debian everything is available as deb binaries. Check out how to's and have fun.

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