throw newb a bone :: kernel source wont jive

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throw newb a bone :: kernel source wont jive

Postby pcxmac » 2005-05-02 03:01

i just got sarge a couple days ago (ive always wanted linux, never had the patience, debian looks kewl....) ok yeah anyways i also have an inspiron 8200 44GO, sooo ok here goes, i install with just the desktop, because anymore and i dont know what the heck is going on, sooo, soooo soooo much stuff. ok kewl, i got sound (on 2.4.~, not on 2.6.~) so thats alright, and KDE rocks, good. but...

When i try to install the nvidia driver, it has a problem hooking up with my source, I have gone to Kpackage, and installed the respective kernel source, and also unzipped, and when i run "sh --kernel-source-path /usr/src/kernel*" it works out until it trys to link or something and pretty much says i havent installed the source package, ugh. I have binutils installed, and the linker is in the right spot, what gives. Please help, Im posting this else where so I can solve this problem, but if you know whats up I would sooo sooo appreciate the info

Anyone know a good newbie linux intro to kernel building source?
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Postby jim » 2005-05-18 02:48

You must compile the kernel and, if you use all defaults for the nvidia install, must also be actually running that kernel.
Hope that helps

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