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Setting Up Network

Postby lman » 2005-05-03 04:21

I'm a newbie to Debian, and just installed Woody. I've gotten startx to work, etc, but I can't get my internet to connect (mozilla cannot reach any website).

I'm not sure if I isntalled the right NIC driver, etc. My router is a Netgear WGT624.

I have a Realtek RTL8193 Family Fast Ethernet NIC, but I am using the netgear WG311T wireless card to connect to my network, not LAN, so thatshouldn't matter.

Any tips?

Postby Terje » 2005-05-03 06:19

The realtek is an easy card, woody should recognise it without any problems. If it doesn't load the wlan driver you need, you might want to connect with the ethcard first to get the right driver, if this is possible. Else just look for the right driver on an other pc and load it into your debian installation from a floppy or so.
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