How do I get the Java (jvm) or jre installed on my server??

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How do I get the Java (jvm) or jre installed on my server??

Postby jtelep » 2005-05-31 17:22

I'm not sure which package I'm supposed to install in order to get this working. I've installed and am trying to use serveral apps that require the JVM be installed on my server but I don't know how to even check if I have it and if I don't what packages I should be grabbing to get it. I've seen the "java-common" and "java-virtual-machine-dummy" but are either one of these what I want if I plan on running apps that require the jvm be installed on my server?

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Postby petteri » 2005-05-31 21:38

Java is really problematic. I think you should install java directly from sun and fix you paths accordingly so that your java apps will find it.

There are instruction on suns java pages like these: ... extracting
( don't know if thats exactly the package you are looking for).
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Postby Josh » 2005-06-01 01:18

Or, this page which I keep bookmarked for my own install reference:

I'd highly encourage looking into the part on the java-package method; very simple and handy to have a deb to keep for future reuse.
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