i3wm + xmodmap clash

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i3wm + xmodmap clash

Postby soaph » 2015-09-22 16:40

Hello, I've recently installed i3wm on my PC and am getting an odd error.
I have an LED keyboard that uses the scroll lock key to illuminate the keys. As such,
I've added the following line to my .xmodmap:
    add Mod3 = Scroll_Lock
The problem is that when I load this map on the terminal, my i3 key bindings stop working.
All of them get overridden by xmodmap somehow. I then tried to put the xmodmap as autostart for i3 but same problem persisted.
As an experiment, I moved the xmodmap autostart line to the top of the .i3/config file to see if that would work since i3 will run xmodmap before it runs its custom key bindings. That left me in the state that I'm at now. When I press Scroll Lock key to turn off the keyboard, the i3 key bindings work, when I illuminate the keyboard, they do not. I don't know if the error lies in xmodmap or in i3. Any help would be appreciated. This is the line on the top of .i3/config:
    exec --no-startup-id xmodmap .xmodmap

P.S. I'm running Debian 'Wheezy'.
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