Mate panel tip for nvidia users - proprietary driver

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Mate panel tip for nvidia users - proprietary driver

Postby fogpipe » 2015-09-27 05:53

You can add a panel applet in mate called "Command - shows the output of a command"
If you add that applet and choose the path to this script in the command box (requires perl) you will have the temperature of your nvidia gpu shown in the panel.

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$TEMP=`nvidia-smi -q -d TEMPERATURE|grep Current|cut -d : -f2`;
print "GPU $TEMP";

I had been using gkrellm and fluxbox for quite a while and im finding that most of gkrellms functionality can be duplicated using the panel and the Command, System Monitor and Drive Mounter applets. Putting the panel on autohide it just pops out nicely with all the info i want. :)
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