[SOLVED]How to get Stretch's Software Center also in Jessie/

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[SOLVED]How to get Stretch's Software Center also in Jessie/

Postby debcub » 2017-03-11 13:38


I know that the app "Software Center" is in Stretch. Since I am using Jessie I would like to install it there, too. Neither synaptic, nor Googleing, nor man, nor Forum searching helped.

Does anybody know, please, how to install it in Jessie?

Maybe from one of the 8 CDs or 3 DVDs on http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/ or http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-dvd/?
I am not expert on this and would not know how to find it let alone how to install it.

With "Software Center" I mean this, as cited here by me in part from this forum (http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=128760&p=618158&hilit=+software+center+#p618158)
forums.my wrote:
Head_on_a_Stick wrote:https://packages.debian.org/jessie/gnome-packagekit
...but what I'd like to duplicate is the Ubuntu-Software-Center experience... What's helpful about this kind of experience are the informative icons, thorough explanations, links to developers' websites and reviews. It's a window-shopping experience. I don't have to know anything about an app first; I just have to know that I want a sound editor, bittorrent client, etc...



P.S. I did an upgrade from Jessie to Stretch, the "Software Center" (<Windows> > "soft") was among the apps, but I reinstalled Jessie because Stretch was way too "testing" for my inexperience.
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Re: How to get Stretch's Software Center also in Jessie/Gnom

Postby dasein » 2017-03-11 16:02

You already have an open thread on this exact same question.

The rule against double-posting applies to you, just like everybody else.
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Re: How to get Stretch's Software Center also in Jessie/Gnom

Postby stevepusser » 2017-03-11 17:39

You are talking about the gnome-software package in upstream Debian. Unfortunately, it requires a whole new version of GNOME 3, and that's not feasible to backport to Jessie. What exactly made Stretch too buggy for you to use?

This isn't really a solution, but can you edit the title of your first post in this thread and add [RESOLVED] or [ANSWERED]?
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Re: How to get Stretch's Software Center also in Jessie/Gnom

Postby debcub » 2017-03-12 08:53

Thanks, problem solved, there is no Software Center in Jessie and it is not installable in Jessie :(

As for "buggy testing", I do not remeber what bugged me, maybe also a psychological problem: Since my Debian nerd knowledge is next to nothing I do not like to be a "testing guniea pig" ;)
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