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Postby Lady Aleena » 2017-04-15 04:55

I have LC_COLLATE=C set in my .bashrc file. KDE ignores this in any GUI program I run such as Dolphin, Geany, Firefox (the worst offender in file>open), etc. When I run "LC_COLLATE=C geany &" on the command line, the file lists are ordered the way they are supposed to be ordered. I am getting fed up, but I am kind of stuck with KDE until further notice, so I am trying to find ways to make it behave.

However, running "LC_COLLATE=C geany &" on the command line leaves a bit of a mess behind. Any way of getting rid of the mess?

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me@office:~$ geany
[1] 19814
[1]+  Done                    LC_COLLATE=C geany

So, please? All help is appreciated in advance.
Lady Aleena
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Re: KDE ignores LC_COLLATE=C

Postby peter_irich » 2017-04-15 09:58

Try place LC_COLLATE in ~/.locale, then log out and log in again.
You can check it value by command
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env | grep LC

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