Stretch / nvidia : can't connect to xserver

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Re: Stretch / nvidia : can't connect to xserver

Postby fritsk » 2017-06-01 19:25

Ok, the saga continues :(
The /usr/src/linux was pointing to something wrong which was fixed by the m-a invocation above.
This didn't help though.

Then I started fooling around with Xwrapper.config.
Nothing seemed to help, but the following (non-default) combo produces an extra error:

namely (for other computer so no cut'n paste):
xf86enableioports : failed to set IOPL for I/O

I suspect my only recourse is a full install. I'll wait a few weeks until stretch has promoted to stable and then just zap everything. That should also get rid of any rot created over the last 6 years of applying updates.

Back to nouveau again 8)
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