[Mate] main menu customization

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[Mate] main menu customization

Postby cybermax » 2017-06-21 05:06

MATE Desktop Environment 1.8.1
Debian GNU/Linux 8.8 (jessie)

Hello. I use the main menu. I want to customize the look of the menu to my taste. I used Mozo, but the possibilities of this are not enough to do as I want.
In the menu category "Applications" created a new menu category "Programs", in which move all the others. But the menu category "System" can not be renamed or deleted, but this is not the most important thing. I want to delete the menu category "Places".
Now I have a menu of a kind -
    Lock screen
    Ending a Session
    Switch off

How do I make the menu look like:
    All Programs
    Documents (the last ones to open, of course, if there is such a function)
    Help and Support
    Run (if there is such an opportunity, I know that in the Trinity Desktop Environment is not found in Mate.)
    Ending a Session
    Switch off
Maybe there are more advanced utilities for editing or can be manually configured in any configuration files? Site https://mate-desktop.org does not work for several days, I do not know where else to ask this question.
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Re: [Mate] main menu customization

Postby cybermax » 2017-06-21 05:57

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Re: [Mate] main menu customization

Postby VentGrey » 2017-06-28 16:41

i don't use mozo but
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instead wich offers even more possibilities :mrgreen:
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Re: [Mate] main menu customization

Postby NFT5 » 2017-06-29 00:02

Mozo is perfectly capable of doing most of what you want, cybermax, but you may have to upgrade your MATE to 1.16. Try stevepussser's OpenSUSE repo - works well to get the extra features that aren't in the standard Jessie issue.

To have a menu item not show in the drop-down list, just remove all items in the list, or uncheck the "Show" boxes.

Use Mate Tweak to display, or not display the Applications, Places and System headings on the panel.

Recent Documents I can't really help you with. I use Dolphin instead of Caja in MATE and there is a Recently Accessed item in the left panel there. I don't use it, my memory suffices.
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