vim-gtk vs. vim-gtk3

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vim-gtk vs. vim-gtk3

Postby erore » 2017-06-23 15:31

In Jessie, I have gvim installed as vim-gtk and everything worked nicely. After upgrade to Stretch, launching gvim from Konsole gives a lot of errors (although it runs but the KOnsole is filled with reports from gvim). So I am wondering in Stretch (with KDE), is it correct to use vim-gtk or should I use vim-gtk3 to avoid receiving the errors?

The errors: When gvim is launched, I get twice:
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(gvim:14137): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita",

Then if I click anywhere in gvim, the Konsole is filled with
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** (gvim:14137): WARNING **: invalid source position for vertical gradient

These things did not use to happen on Jessie, I just launched gvim and then could further use the same Konsole instance without it being flooded by Warnings from gvim.

Thank you.
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