[solved] chat protocols in polari (GNOME)

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[solved] chat protocols in polari (GNOME)

Postby JueShire » 2017-07-07 06:33

does anybody know how to remove old chat protocols from polari? It's a nice and lean replacement for empathy, but I cannot find suitable documentation.


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Found out myself:

Polari stores its logs under ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs.
In this directory you'll find folders for each IRC network you have used (named accordiing to you IRC nickname), and each of them has another folder for all chatrooms you have been active in. And here, finally, you'll find *.log files, named and ordered by the date of your activity. For instance, to remove the protocol from 7 July 2017 on an IRC network you used with your nick BillGates in the chatroom #licencedcaptivity you have to delete the log file:
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rm ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs/idle_irc_BillGates0/chatrooms/#licencedcaptivity/20170707.log
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