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Re: Gnome theme colors

Postby rulet » 2017-07-12 17:28

golinux wrote:
rulet wrote:
golinux wrote:Just 75 years of observing

Just wonder -- how old are you?

Can't read Arabic numerals?

Yes, I can. So you were observing from your birth? :). Hmm...
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Re: Gnome theme colors

Postby Lysander » 2017-07-12 17:34

rulet wrote: Yes, I can. So you were observing from your birth? :). Hmm...

Of course she was observing from birth, but how many of those observations can presently be recalled? Personally, one of my earliest memories is the birthday cake for my sixth birthday [it was a good cake], I can't remember much before that. Maybe the cake from my fifth...

[Are we off topic yet?]
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Re: Gnome theme colors

Postby golinux » 2017-07-12 22:31

Past time to lock and put it out of its misery (and us).

And note to Lysander . . . forgotten experiences shape who we are as much as those we remember. Even in the womb a fetus receives sensory information that contributes to an understanding of the world around them.
May the FORK be with you!
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