Desktop freeze after suspend

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Desktop freeze after suspend

Postby horror vacui » 2017-08-07 19:30

Hi Everyone!

I have the annoying issue that I can not suspend or hibernate my laptop, because the X server stops working (=no reaction from the system, except the currently active window. I can't even open a new terminal with my bindkey). Very often even the login screen is black, sometimes the login window is drawn, but often just the button/field where I navigate myself with the TAB key.

I have no idea how to solve, or even how to debug this issue further. There are plenty of issues for newer kernels, but I use Debian 9.1 with kernel 3.16.43. I use MATE desktop. There is no issue with my Mint install on the same computer, but Debian is more responsive and I like it more as well.

Could you help me, by pointing me to the good direction in debugging? Of course a solution would be welcomed warmly as well! :)
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Re: Desktop freeze after suspend

Postby lbuiyzxl » 2017-08-08 13:55

Seem your Window Manager program is dead.
So you can't switch window or use your keybind.
I'm unsure,but my idea to you is: try change your Window Manager or Desktop Environment
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