Weird issue taking screen shots

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Weird issue taking screen shots

Postby kd4ned » 2017-08-07 22:16

I have run into an issue with taking screenshots in GNOME, been going on for months, and I've not been able to figure it out (and really don't want to reinstall, since I'm not convinced that'll fix it.)

I will start out by saying this issue started when I switched laptops (moved my hard drive from my older machine to this newer one.) Went from a Toshiba (can't remember what display) to an HP (nvidia). I did have to so some twiddling at the command line to get X working again once I moved the drive to this machine.

Aside from the screen shot issue, everything does seem to be working OK.

Now, here's what happens: I hit PrintScreen (or any of the key combinations thereof) and nothing happens. Doesn't take a screenshot.

I can go into the keyboard settings, and map something (such as Ctrl+Alt+Insert) to take a screen shot. Save that mapping. Then said key combination WILL take a screen shot.

I can go BACK into the keyboard settings, and map PrintScreen back to take a screenshot (and it does recognize PrintScreen when I press it to set the mapping.) Save that. Try PrintScreen, nothing happens.

I've scourted Google for quite sometime, and not found anything like it. It seems like, for some reason, I can map any key combo I want to take a screen shot, including PrintScreen. However, PrintScreen won't actually do it. Other combos will. I have a feeling there's something simple/silly that needs to be tweaked that I've overlooked, but no idea what.

Any of you have any ideas out there where to start? I'm generally good at fixing stuff like this, but this has me puzzled (and annoyed!)
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Re: Weird issue taking screen shots

Postby Zjho » 2017-08-11 11:36

Long shot - try changing to another keyboard layout, perhaps one close to your normal layout. If it jolts Print Screen into working, it is easy to adopt.
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Re: Weird issue taking screen shots

Postby ruffwoof » 2017-08-11 12:53

IIRC gnome keybindings are stored in something like org -> gnome -> desktop -> wm -> keybindings ... what does installing/using dconf-editor to view that show? i.e. it could be another install that's giving the PrtScr key priority to do something else.

I use jwm so I define all keybindings in a single file (along with all other configuration content) and typically add key bindings to use print screen to invoke scrot after a 3 second delay (alongside the right of space bar Menu key bringing up the menu and the right super/win key invoking gmrun)

<Key mask="" key="Print">exec:scrot -d 3</Key>
<Key mask="" key="Menu">root:1</Key>
<Key mask="" key="Super_R">exec:gmrun</Key>

I imagine if that another keybinding for the same key were included later/elsewhere, then that might make the key not behave as expected.
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