Print Screen (Fn + Prt Sc) not Working with GIMP

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Print Screen (Fn + Prt Sc) not Working with GIMP

Postby broadsworde » 2017-08-13 09:06

When I take a screen shot, using Fn + Prt Sc I get the proper sound effect, and the image shows up in Shotwell, but when I try to paste (as paste is enabled/active) it into GIMP, it says: "There is no image data in the clipboard to paste". Has anyone else had the same problem?
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Re: Print Screen (Fn + Prt Sc) not Working with GIMP

Postby ticojohn » 2017-08-14 14:22

I don't know what version of Debian you are using but in Jessie, and the XFCE desktop environment, under the Applications menu you can find Accessories -> Screenshot. With that application you have the option of taking a shot of the entire screen, the active window, or a specific area and can then either save to a file or paste to the clipboard.

I don't know with certainty, but assume that Screenshot is available to install in most desktop environments.
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