webcam logitech c922 h264 resolution not higher than 640x360

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webcam logitech c922 h264 resolution not higher than 640x360

Postby kimi » 2017-08-27 12:40


I have a problem with the webcam logitech c922 with Guvcview. In h264 camera output mode, the preview window freezes when I select a resolution higher than 640x360 and it seems that the webcam LED also shutdown, so when I try to record, there isn't any video recorded.

The main window does not freeze, I can perfectly select another resolution not higher than 640x360 and the preview comes back with 30fps recording.

Also it's working fine in MJPG camera output mode with any resolution at 30fps (RAW with no compression) but the output file becomes very big...

I use Guvcview 2.0.5 and Debian 9.1 (Kernel 4.9.0-3). With the v2.0.4 debian package, I have the same problem that's why I installed the v2.0.5 from the project page.

Is someone able to make it work with another webcam like the logitech c920 ? maybe it's only a problem with the c922 ?
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