Matrox MGA 200e not supported?

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Matrox MGA 200e not supported?

Postby philo_neo » 2017-09-23 02:38

I have a quad cores with Debian 9.1 on i386 processors (i have installed Amd64 distribution) that has an integrated video card has the motherboard, this video card is a "Matrox MGA 200e" with 32 MB of memory with for maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixel and 16 million colors, I can not change the video card because the PCI Express 16x port is made to acquire hard drive controller cards. the manufacturer datasheet HP specifies that the Chipsets north and south do not know how to handle other video card, so I am forced to use the video card "matrox". for the moment I have 1024x768 pixels resolution, and the windows of the programs moves slowly!
How to find a firmware and / or display settings to have a maximum resolution?

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Re: Matrox MGA 200e not supported?

Postby debiman » 2017-09-23 11:08

the closest i could find is this:
so the motherboard is equally ancient?
and you cannot install a better video card, because the mobo can't deal with it?
i think linux doesn't even come to it.
have you actually tried setting in a known working video card, then boot into bios to see what options you have?
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