Using an ALSA PCM as a microphone in Chromium

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Using an ALSA PCM as a microphone in Chromium

Postby TimonLukas » 2017-10-10 11:49

Hey guys! I have a microphone which just creates raw /tmp/ streams, read by ALSA. This works correctly using a 'file' input in /etc/asound.conf (like this:

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pcm.mic_channel0 {
    type file
    file "/tmp/matrix_micarray_channel_0"
    infile "/tmp/matrix_micarray_channel_0"
    format "raw"
    slave {
        pcm sc

But I can't seem to figure out how to make this device available in Chromium. I already tried creating an .asoundrc for this with the following content:

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pcm.!default {
  type asym
  playback.pcm /* PLAYBACK-PCM */
  capture.pcm "mic_channel0"

but to no avail - I just get scrambled output. But I can successfully use that output in other contexts.

Now, how would I go about properly making this available?

Thank you!
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