Getting broken symlinks onto an iso filw system

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Getting broken symlinks onto an iso filw system

Postby gurfle » 2017-10-19 02:14

A very awkward way to do this is described below and yes, there are good reasons for wanting this. For example:

Archiving (on an iso medium and without the hassle of tarballs) folders with symlinks outside the archived folder that are normally valid, just not at archiving time.
Archiving (in the same manner) a genuinely broken link for debugging at a future time after restoration from archive.

Also, I know that putting folders with such links in tarballs before going onto the iso image will achieve the same thing, but since reading a 4.4G tarball on a DVD is extremely slow, and assuming DVD is the desired archiving medium, I am looking for a better solution than what I have found so far, namely

fooling Xfburn into creating such synlinks by temporarily placing dummy files where the links point to before building the burn list in Xfburn, then after the list is built, removing them from that list. I have tried this and it works, but is of course very awkward. However at least it proves that it is possible to make an iso file with broken links in it.

Does anybody know of a DVD burn package that at least offers you the choice of whether or not to keep broken symlinks instead of just silently removing them? And, of course I need the option of preserving file permission and modification time stamps, like Xfburn does (but Brasero does not seem to).
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