Intel video drivers insanity.

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Re: Intel video drivers insanity.

Postby debiman » 2017-11-26 19:12

tdiguy wrote:Well tell you what, do you have anything constructive to ask of me? Or more instruction on how to install a package?

Yes i came here looking for help, and look what i have received.

pipe down.
you have received help. even the post immediately before the quoted one was helpful. or trying to.

let me try one more time:
it seems to me you are using terms like "headless" and "runlevel 3" without fully understanding what that means.
a media server can be headless, yes.
it means it has no screen attached.
in a broader sense, it can also mean that while it has a screen, there's no gui installed and its primary way of communicating with the administrator is via a second machine via ssh.

although it serves media, it has no use for graphical accelaration, because the media simply flows as data to whatever the receiving end is.

the tone here on debian forums is a little harsh sometimes, but this thread is really rather on the friendly side.
even after you chose to pop a fuse.

the way to install a package is 'apt install package'. it should be preceded by 'apt update' and, imho, also an 'apt upgrade'.
i'm sure you could have found this information on one of the wiki pages gracefully provided.
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