xfce4 opening windows on wrong screen

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xfce4 opening windows on wrong screen

Postby maximus1978 » 2017-12-11 12:21

I have 2 monitors connected.

When I launch xfce4 terminal from second screen, it opens up on the first screen.

This is driving me nuts.

Does anybody know were the configuration is at for this?

It does not happen with all programs but many of them.
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Re: xfce4 opening windows on wrong screen

Postby bw123 » 2017-12-11 14:57

It drives me nuts on kde too. Some apps like vlc (qt?) seem to remember where they were closed, and will reopen there, some don't. Some apps will open on the 'active' workspace, but not all apps follow this.

The way I solved it in the past was use an xorg.conf to setup two separate screens. That way I can fire up a vid or dvd on monitor two and then use my workspaces on mon1 and the flick stays up on the secondary. Same with browsers, terminals, etc. When you truly have separate X screens for each monitor, they have separate panles and settings and you can't drag windows from one to the other. Anything else is extended desktop crap.

This isn't a problem with fluxbox, but kde won't do multihead anymore. I haven't figured out if you can have separate desktops or activities on each monitor, but that's what I need.
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