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Re: XFCE-DESKTOP: Evince vs Atril

Postby debiman » 2017-12-30 09:44

Danielsan wrote:By the way I don't remember that you can copy text from Mupdf or doing some other basic action

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       Left mouse button click
              A left click on a hyper link follows the link. In presentation
              mode advances to the next page.

       Right mouse button click
              In presentation mode goes back to the previous page.

       Left mouse button drag
              Pan the page. Panning beyond the bottom or top edge will go to
              the next or previous page.

       Right mouse button drag
              Select text in an area. On X11, the selected text can be pasted
              in another application with a middle click.  Press Ctrl+C to
              copy the selected text to the clipboard.  On Windows, the
              selected text will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

       Scroll wheel
              Pan page up or down. Does not change page when reaching the
              bottom or top edge.

       Shift + Scroll wheel
              Pan page left or right.

       Control + Scroll wheel
              Zoom in or out.

       Page navigation:

       . pgdn right space
              Go to the next page.

       , pgup left b backspace
              Go to the previous page.

       <, >   Skip back/forth 10 pages at a time.

       123g   Go to page 123.

       g, G   Go to the first or last page.

       m      Mark current page for snap back. Up to 256 pages can be marked.

       t      Pop back to the latest mark.

       [0-9]m Save the current page number in the numbered register.

       [0-9]t Go to the page saved in the numbered register.

       Zooming and rotating:

       +, -   Zoom in or out.

       W, H   Zoom page to exactly fit width/height of window.

       Z      Zoom page to fit either to width or height of window.

       L, R   Rotate page left (counter-clockwise) or right (clockwise).

       w      Shrinkwrap window to fit the page.

       f      Toggles fullscreen mode.


       h, j, k, l
              Pan page left, down, up, or right.


       /, ?   Search for text forwards or backwards.

       n, N   Find the next/previous search result.


       [, ]   Increase/decrease EPUB/XHTML font size.

       r      Reload file.

       p      Toggle presentation mode.

       c      Toggle between color and grayscale rendering.

       C      Toggle full-page color tinting.

       i      Toggle between normal and inverted color rendering.

       S      Save updated document file.

       q      Quit.
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