What panel is it (please help identify)?

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Re: What panel is it (please help identify)?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2018-02-04 13:46

pawRoot wrote:post a scrot

Here's the example configuration supplied by the bspwm package:


Needs some tweaking though :)
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Re: What panel is it (please help identify)?

Postby pawRoot » 2018-02-04 13:49

Looks nice, i feel like giving bspwm a try again but when i think about configuring sxhkd and getting used to new WM...


ok f*** it im giving it a try :mrgreen:
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Re: What panel is it (please help identify)?

Postby mt12345 » 2018-02-04 15:14

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
mt12345 wrote:http://static.phollow.fr/2010/05/echinus01.png


AFAIK echinus' author doesnt use it anymore...

Im building new 'desktop' based on echinus and was trying to find supported panel. when I found these old scrots, I thought it's tint2 but on my openbox install it was crashing when I tried <14pix so I got confused and started this thread...

today however I tried stretch + echinus + tint2 on spare partition and it works fine.
just need to get good fonts because Im gonna use
panel_size = 10
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Re: What panel is it (please help identify)?

Postby debiman » 2018-02-04 20:22

maybe the panel is ourico
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Re: What panel is it (please help identify)?

Postby None1975 » 2018-02-05 18:54

Maybe it is xmobar?
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