which on-screen keyboard is working in stretch xfce?

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which on-screen keyboard is working in stretch xfce?

Postby foormanek » 2018-04-15 11:23

I have tried a few on-screen keyboards. Florence installs but clicking it does nothing. Onboard runs, but all key captions are question marks and there is a message "no x keyboard found, retrying". Few others i do not remember now did not install any icon or menu entry to click on. Click on applications->settings->keyboard does nothing. I have installed with Synaptic.

System is a fresh install of debian 9 64 bit with xfce on headless dell server, accessed locally via usb-vga kvm, which may be connected to other server at the moment, and remotely via tightvnc. My problems are via vnc.

Do you know of an on-screen keyboard which would work?
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