Accessing remote file system with sshfs vs sftp

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Accessing remote file system with sshfs vs sftp

Postby gurfle » 2018-05-11 20:32

In Debian 9.2 (stretch) I can get both to display the basics of remote file systems in the mate file browser (Caja), but am curious which is preferable.

It is curious that by typing from the command line:
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sshfs userid@hostname:/home/userid /media/hostname -o follow_symlinks
the correct userid appears in Caja,

but typing into Firefox or directly into the Caja "Location" bar:
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only the numeric UID shows up in Caja.

Obviously the correct UID has been setup in /etc/passwd for the sshfs method to work.
So why does Caja not figure out the username to display with sftp?
Is sftp generally just not as good/reliable as sshfs for use in file browsers like Caja?
Copying small a amount of files seems to work OK with sftp, but maybe it has other disadvantages besides the username display issue that I have not yet discovered.

Any thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated.
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