Tool for shapes, annotations, text to Images (Cant find!)

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Re: Tool for shapes, annotations, text to Images (Cant find!

Postby bester69 » 2018-06-25 10:08

debiman wrote:rant warning:
all of bester69's software recommendations/requests are the same:
wishing for some trivial functionality that is easily achievable with existing software on linux, yet they want something that works just so, a dedicated app for this one purpose exactly with a "friendlier" gui, something that won't confuse him/her.
and i think s/he knows it.
so, to me, this is still some form of trolling.

jejej Debi why are you confuse about my genere, I dont see others got into that confusion..that its very extrange :mrgreen: ..
we "trolls" are not "Organic Portals"..I understand that chasing.. see Steve ..He is not an OP, Its pretty clear how to difference you
bester69 wrote:There is nothing to install in linux, from time to time i go to google searching for something fresh to install in linux, but, there is nothing
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Re: Tool for shapes, annotations, text to Images (Cant find!

Postby cuckooflew » 2018-06-25 12:12

I have to agree with Mr.Debiman, this bester69 is either a troll, or just a spam bot, most of it's posts are spam. I don't know why the admins accept it.
Most of the software the spambot promotes is commercial,and not even really for Linux , but needs to be run on wine,or some other virtual windows thing.
OP (Original Post), but I don't know what steve has to do with it.
Gimp does all of the things this other commercial program does,I guess that is why it needs tp use spam techniques to promote it.
Spam bots do not have gender, "it" is a bot, no he/she or anything, it is a spam bot.
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