Intel HD graphics problem - M. C. Escher weirdness

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Re: Intel HD graphics problem - M. C. Escher weirdness

Postby stevepusser » 2018-08-15 00:28

The backports kernel is going to be easiest to install. If you're need any nonfree firmware packages or dkms drivers, it's best to update those at the same time from backports. Any newer versions of those are backwards-compatible with the standard 4.9 kernel, which you should keep as a backup boot option.

I've gotten pretty good at backporting the Sid kernels myself...I leapfrogged stretch-backports today to 4.17.14: ... linux-4.17
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Re: Intel HD graphics problem - M. C. Escher weirdness

Postby Wheelerof4te » 2018-08-15 08:47

DirkusMaximus wrote:And no, that didn't straighten up the graphics glitching either.

Then it can only be weird artifacts caused by your hardware. You have mentioned it's an old system.
I don't think this is software problem.
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