gnome-keyring and number of entries

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gnome-keyring and number of entries

Postby milomak » 2018-11-14 21:51

debian sid

so that is a seahorse view. i clicked on each one (loaded from the normal user). and none showed a dialog box or anything in the right hand panel.

should there be that many entries where nothing happens when you click?

ideally i would like to work without gnome-keyring being something i have to interact with. bt i just installed google-chrome and i had to. even though i forever keep the username and password blank. it frustrates me somewhat that i wouldlike to choose to run my desktop (cinnanmon) without this. yet it prevails in my life all the time.

and what really grates me is that at some future point it will ask again when i thought i had suppressed. i woul be happy to install the package if it never bothered me again after i said i don't want it to ask for a password
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